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Losi DBXL 2 Speed in the Works
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MCD/Rampage 2 Speed

Losi 5ive 2 Speed

Demon News
2-5-2014 - Losi DBXL 2 Speed Coming this Spring

We are currently testing our Losi DBXL 2 Speed prototype. It is pretty much 95% finalized. We are going to make a slight change to the design so that it is a complete drop in replacement that does not require a custom upper diff plate or custom clutchbell plate.

The Losi DBXL 2 Speed design is one tough unit. We have implemented some design changes over the Losi 5ive unit which will make this DBXL 2 Speed our best transmission yet. It is just tough as our 5ive design, and most importantly, just as consistant. We expect to finish up testing the prototyping stage by the middle of the month and then produce a small run of preproduction units. We will then do a final check on all the dimension tolerances and if everything is to spec we can start our production run. We will be aiming for a late April release, however, that is not set in stone yet as we are still going through our testing and there could be some unforseen changes made. Keep an eye on this page for more news later this month.

2-5-2014 - Rampage/MCD stock status

The demand on the Rampage transmissions has been larger than expected and our last production batch sold out quickly. We have another set of units in production at this time and expect to have the 2 speed back in stock in about 45 days. In the meantime you can order a Rampage 2 Speed through LargeScaleRC as they have them in stock... but not for long.

2-5-2014 - Server and Email Issues

Back in December we had an issue where some malicious files were uploaded to the server. Those files were sending mass amounts of emails which lead to our service provider to temporarely shut down the website until the problem was resolved. The server is back up and running, however, the mass amounts of emails lead to our domain getting blocked from many email providers. We have been working to get us unblacklisted from those service providers, however, it is a long and tedious process. Right now we are guestimating that only 1/3 of our email notifications and replies are getting through to the customer. This includes shipping notifications and regular email responses sent into info@demonrc.com. We are starting to see feedback from many of the service providers with confirmation that we have been unblacklisted. Hopefully, within a few weeks we can be 100% up and running with the emails being blocked.

2-1-2014 - Sale is Over

All Rampage, MCD, and Losi 2 Speeds are back to regular price.

11-28-2014 - Upcoming Christmas Sale

All Rampge and MCD 2 Speeds are now back in stock. 33/23, 36/20, and 37/19 gear options are back in stock for the holiday season.