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11-28-2014 - Upcoming Christmas Sale

All Rampge and MCD 2 Speeds are now back in stock. 33/23, 36/20, and 37/19 gear options are back in stock for the holiday season.

10-30-2014 - Upcoming Christmas Sale

Beginning November 1st all 2 Speed units will be on sale for the holiday season. All Losi 5ive 2 speed units will be $50 off listed price. MCD and Rampage 2 speed units will be $30 off listed price.

10-21-2014 - Rampage 2 Speed Out of Stock Status

We are currently out of stock on Rampage 2 Speed units and several gear sets. The parts are in production and should be available withing 3-4 weeks. We are estimating everything to be ready for sale December 1st.

1-21-2014 - Site Update

Product pages are now complete with documentation links, part listings, and the ability to order parts directly from us.

1-11-2014 - MCD/Rampage 2 Speed Update

All the "preorder" units have been shipped and are in the customer's hands. We are officially done with the MCD / Rampage 2 Speed release. It's been a long hard road but all that hard work paid off.

We are currently working on the shopping card and credit card processing for those of you that want to order parts directly through us. In the meantime if you want to purchase anything, just send a email to info@demonrc.com and we will get you sorted out.

8-20-2013 - MCD/Rampage 2 Speed Update

Parts for the MCD/Rampage 2 Speed are currently under production. We should have all the parts in by mid September for a late September or early October release.

3-20-2013 - Losi 5ive 2 Speed

We've been having alot of great feedback on the new Losi 5ive 2 Speed. The unit is holding up very well as we predicted. Other than the new one-piece driveshaft, which was already shipping with units since last month, there are very few changes we need to make. We may revise the brake plate to be more cosmetic but that's about all she needs at this time. We are about to put in the production order for our optional "speed" gearing very soon. If anybody would like to see a particular gear combination, feel free to shoot me an email at jstergar@demonrc.com and let me know what you would like to have for an option gearing.

3-18-2013 - Rampage/MCD 2 Speed Update

Testing is nearing completion on the new V2 2 speed prototypes. The new unit is defintely worth the wait as it's very durable and consistant. Keep a lookout in the next 30 days for a final announcement on production.

12-20-2012 - 2 Speed Updates.

I have not been able to get any information out for most of the year due to legal issues we were having with removing a partner from the company. We are past that now and have continued forward with the release of the Losi 2 Speed since that was designed after we split ways. The agreement we had did not leave us with the rights to the design nor the parts. This isn't a bad thing though since a completely new redesigned tranny is currently being designed right now and we should have a prototype in our hands next month. The new design is top notch. It's modeled after the Losi using massive bearings and is rock solid. I'm exited to get some metal in my hands and soon as we do I will post the pics of the new design.

I'm sorry that it's taken this long to get something to you guys. We didn't foresee any of this happening early in the year. I can gaurantee that the new tranny will be in our hands next month and the testing will be very very short. We've run the hell out of the old design and it worked great. The new design is even better.

On a final note, you may see the original design being sold overseas under our last partner's new company. I don't have any information on it so keep a lookout if you want one immediatly.