Losi 5ive 2 Speed Transmission

Demon RC is proud to introduce it's 2 speed transmission for the Losi 5ive. Your vehicle will accelerate faster and have a better top speed than a traditional single speed setup. A 17/61 1st speed gearing will give you greater accelration over the stock single speed. The 21/57 2nd speed offers much needed top speed. We also have available an optional 22/56 2nd speed ratio for those speed freaks wanting even more speed.

Key Features:
$249.00  USD
  • Fits the Losi 5ive vehicle.
  • Smooth and consistant shifting. We have fixed two of the simplest issues that have brought a bad name to 2 speed transmissions in 5th scale vehicles. First, we use a massive 18mm ID one-way bearing that can easily handle the load that these vehicles can put on a drivetrain. Second, we found and fixed a simple design defect in traditional 2 speed transmissions which can cause binding and inconsistant shifting (if it even shifts at all).
  • This is a big tough transmission for a big heavy vehicle! Nothing in the 2 speed is small just like the Losi 5ive it is built for. Oversized bearings, heavy duty gear carriers, and a massive pawl shift mechanism ensures that the 2 speed outlasts the rest of your drivetrain.
  • Incorporates the largest highest load bearings we could stuff into the provided space. The 2 speed uses a massive 18mm ID one-way bearing and massive 30x42x7 main bearing.
  • Our competitor incorporates a tiny shift mechanism similar to what is found in 1/8 scale vehicles or the infamously defective 1/5 scale FG 2 speeds transmissions. Judging from their pictures they use a pawl similar in size to the tiny FG pawl which is 35mm in diameter, 8mm wide, with a thin 4mm wide catch. The catch is the shifting component which takes the entire load when the transmission slams into 2nd gear. Our pawl is a massive 52mm in diameter, 12mm wide, with a 7mm wide catch. This is a lifetime component. If anybody breaks our pawl,other than losing the hinge pin, we will send you a brand new one.
  • Exclusive lightweight alloy upper plate.
  • Proudly designed, tested, and manufacturered in the USA.
Please note: You will need a 19.5 engine spacers in order to get the correct gear mesh. The 19.5 spacers are available from LargeScaleRC or any authorized Losi 5ive parts dealer.

Click here to view LargeScaleRC's 19.5 engine spacers.

Losi 5ive 2 Speed - Installation/Adjustment/Maintenance Guide
Losi 5ive 2 Speed - Parts Explosion and List

Losi 5ive 2 Speed Parts Ordering
Part NumberDescriptionPrice (USD)
     501Drive Shaft$17.00
     502Drive Cup$14.00
     503Cover Plate$20.00
     504Pawl Assembly$39.00
     5081st Speed Carrier$18.00
     5092nd Speed Carrier$23.25
     510One-way Carrier$7.00
     511Top Plate$19.50
     5206803-2RS 17x26x5 Cover Plate Bearing$5.00
     5216806-2RS 30x42x7 2nd Speed Carrier Bearing$7.75
     522HF1816 18x24x16 One-way Bearing$8.50
     53061T Spur Gear$23.00
     53457T Spur Gear$23.00
     53556T Spur Gear (Speed Option)$23.00
     54017T Pinion Gear$14.00
     54421T Pinion Gear$14.00
     54522T Pinion Gear (Speed Option)$14.00
     550Hardware (Screws & Pins) $7.00